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Zipco Cultivator-9.5hp


Zipco Cultivator-9

The size of the device: 160 * 650 * 1000 cm
Tire weight: 129 Kg
Command: Adjusts up, down and left and right
Working width with 150 cm rotivator
Model 186 diesel engine with cool air radiator, starter
Outstanding RPM 3600
Oil capacity: 1.2 liters
Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 liters
Tire size: 12 × 500
Brightness to 2 Starter and Handle modes



Uses of zipco cultivator:

Mini Tillers (cultivators) are a new model of agricultural tillers used by farmers or home users. Mini tilers
with a small size, high efficiency and, most importantly, less costly purchases are compared as more
affordable options than other tilers or tractors.
High strength zipco cultivator and professional user profiles allow for the cultivation of one hectare of
agricultural land within eight working hours, which is always considered in the correct selection of
Zipco cultivator has many applications in agricultural or rice fields, including water pumping,
transportation, threshing, and even spraying. It is also used on steep lands in mountainous areas or in
These cultivators have the ability to work in lands with different degrees of soil density.
The number of blades is 40, the blades grind and soften the husk to a depth of 8 to 15 liters. Soiling the
soil for the cultivation of fodder plants that are highly digestible seeds is necessary because it provides
better conditions for the development of these seeds.
The use of this machine in land with a typical soil density, with an average cultivation area, will result in
longer lifetimes and higher yields.
The gearboxes of these cultivators are all gear-driven and have a direct coupling to the engine and can
be turned on via a handlebar and a starter. When starting up the machine, it must first be checked for
electrical connections. If you want to turn on the machine with a handle, the operator should have
sufficient training on how fast and how stretched the rope handle is.


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